We started our commercial activities with manufacturing knitwear under the brand of Dundarlar in 1975. In 1999 we continued our activities in baby and children wholesale clothing field at Gökçen Business Center in Cumhuriyet avenue. We growed rapidly in wholesale clothing business and to sustain growing, in 2004 we have moved to our own business center at Cumhuriyet avenue which has 7 floors and each floor was 200 square meter. By growing more and more In 2015 we moved to Vişne avenue the heart of wholesale clothing business to improve our service. We are proud to be the one of the leading companies in wholesale baby and children clothing business with more than a quarter century of experience. We export our products to many countries, especially Russia and Arab countries.

In order to maintain our growing organization and service, we continue to serve with a wide range of products by expanding our activities in 2020 and moving to our new 5-storey place, each floor is 550 m² and a total of 2750 m².

As Dündarlar Bebe, which closely follows the technological developments, you can easily access our online wholesale e-commerce website www.dundarlarbebetoptan.com , which we have prepared to serve you better, from all devices, and you can make comfortable and reliable shopping by downloading the Dündarlar Bebe application to your Android and iOS devices.

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